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Navkarma Ayurveda

Shilajit With Kesar

Shilajit With Kesar

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Introducing Navkarma Ayurveda's "Shilajit With Kesar" – a potent fusion of 100% pure shilajit infused with the richness of kesar (saffron). Crafted with meticulous care and traditional wisdom, this unique formulation offers a myriad of health benefits. Shilajit, renowned in Ayurveda for its rejuvenating properties, is revered as a natural source of vitality and energy. Combined with the precious essence of kesar, celebrated for its antioxidant and mood-enhancing qualities, this blend becomes a powerhouse of holistic wellness. Elevate your vitality, support overall well-being, and experience the essence of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with Navkarma Ayurveda's "Shilajit With Kesar."
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Customer Reviews

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Nandini Rao
Energy Wonder

"Feeling so much better since I started taking Navkarma Shilajit With Kesar. Highly recommend!"

Riya Reddy
Herbal Harmony

"Navkarma Shilajit With Kesar is my new go-to supplement. More energy, better focus!"

Mahima Iyer
Energy Potion

"Navkarma Shilajit With Kesar is a game-changer! Feeling more energized and focused than ever before."

Rohan Patel
Vitality Potion

Iske parinaam se kafi khush hoon, yeh product zaroor try karne layak hai!

Saanvi Mahajan
Natural Energy

मैंने इसे नियमित रूप से उपयोग किया है और मुझे उसके प्राकृतिकता और दक्षता पर पूरा भरोसा है।

  • Step 1 Quantity

    Start with 1/4th spoon for one week, then gradually increase to 3/4th spoon thereafter.

  • Step 2 Mix

    Combine it with slightly warm water or milk and consume once fully dissolved.

  • Step 3 Drink

    It is advised to take it twice daily, once before your workout, for a minimum of 2 months for better Results


1. What is the difference between Shilajit & Shilajit Gold?

Both Shilajit and Shilajit Gold are 100% Ayurvedic and highly beneficial, catering to different health preferences. Shilajit helps boost stamina, performance, and immunity. On the other hand, Shilajit Gold not only contains shilajit but also other potent Ayurvedic ingredients like swarna bhasma, ashwagandha, black musli, and gokshura. These additional ingredients aid in muscle building, increased stamina, faster recovery, and better absorption.

2. Can I consume it along with my Protein Powder?

Yes, Navkarma Ayurveda Shilajit can be consumed along with your protein powder. Shilajit is a natural supplement that complements protein intake and can be incorporated into your daily routine for enhanced wellness benefits. However, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional or nutritionist for personalized guidance on combining supplements for optimal results.

3. Is it lab tested? Does it contain any heavy metals?

Yes, Navkarma Ayurveda Shilajit is thoroughly tested in accredited laboratories to ensure safety, quality, and purity. We conduct rigorous testing to detect and eliminate any presence of heavy metals or contaminants, adhering to stringent quality standards. You can trust that our product is free from harmful substances and safe for consumption.Every package includes a lab report verifying the product's purity and quality.

4. Can Shilajit Gold be used by women?

No, Shilajit Gold is specifically formulated for men's wellness. However, regular Shilajit is highly recommended for women as it helps balance hormones and strengthen immunity. Navkarma Ayurveda offers a range of Shilajit products suitable for various health needs and preferences, including options specifically tailored for women's wellness.